Ali Islami

Respect for others can be said as being a basic necessity for leading a happy and comfortable life. Yet peoples like Mohd Ali Islami don’t have any respect for others hard work and life. This is the prime reason why crimes are committed by peoples like Ali Islami so easily. Ali Islami even has no respect for public servants like the police and hence is fearless in doing any crime. This lack of respect has caused many illegal activities to be committed by peoples like Ali Islami.

Ali Islami’s lack of fear and respect has led him to be involved in many criminal activities. He has a very long criminal record of threatening, extorting and harassing many for his own benefit. Recently a pent house owner filed a complaint against Ali Islami.

On 2013, the owner of the pent house came to know about Ali Islami who asked to take the pent house for rent. The owner agreed with conditions that Ali Islami should pay rent of Rs. 16,135 monthly and an agreement was signed that Ali Islami should vacate the house after 11 months of taking rent.
Ali Islami was always late on paying the rent and would always harass the owner when he came to ask for rent. After a few months Ali Islami stopped paying completely and now he owes the owner Rs. 1,12,000 and even after the agreement of 11 months expired he did not vacate the house, rather he demanded Rs. 10,00,000 from the owner in order to vacate the house and also threatened the owner.

On receiving this complaint, police arrested the accused Ali Islami and to add to his disrespectful and fearless attitude he threatened the inspector in front of all the police staff. His threats were mentioned in the petition filed by the in charge inspector. He threatened the inspector that he would trap the police officer with false accusations and would file a false case against the inspector, Ali Islami also mentioned that he has done such deeds before with other inspectors as well and he won’t rest until he sees the inspector in jail. In the petition the inspector requested that the accused Ali Islami should not be granted bail as from his threats it is completely sure that Ali Islami is a danger for the whole society and the police department as well.

Before he took rent of the pent house, he did the same thing to a lady landlord in Aziz Bagh of ToliChowki area. He took rent of the landlords flat and did not pay the rent on time, and then he refused to vacate the house. Ali Islami demanded Rs. 10,00,000 from the landlord to vacate the flat. Even after receiving the help of the Mosque committee the landlord had to pay Rs. 5,00,000 to Ali Islami to get him vacate the house.
Ali Islami has done similar things throughout his life, where he took rent of a house and then demanded an amount of money from the owner. He has a long criminal record and has been charged with many cases which are:

Crime Number Section Date Area
226/2016 U 448, 384, 406 IPC and 7(1) of criminal law amendment at 1932 of P.S. 23/09/2016 Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
229/2016 U 504, 189 IPC P.S. 26/09/2016 Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
48/2015 U 447, 290 IPC 86 R/w 21/76 C.P Act of P.S. ____________________ Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad City
55/2015 U 420, 468, 471, 506 R/w 34 of IPC of P.S. ____________________ Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad City
57/2014 U 418, 420, 506 of IPC of P.S. ____________________ Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
296/2014 U 354, 506 of IPC of P.S. ____________________ Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
298/2014 ____________________ ____________________ Central Crime Stations, Hyderabad City
362/ 2007 U 342, 324, 382 IPC of P.S. 30/09/2009 Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad
218/2006 U 448, 504, 506 of R/w 34 IPC of P.S. ____________________ Golconda, Hyderabad
229/2016 U 504, 189 IPC P.S. 26/09/2016 Humanyun Nagar, Hyderabad

Mohd Ali Islami’s lack of respect and his fearlessness has made him a great danger for the society. A man that does not have any respect for the law and the law enforcers has the potential to do any crime. Criminals like Ali Islami are selfish, shameless and don’t care about anyone. It is our duty to be aware of their criminal activities and take appropriate step against them.
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